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Peter Justini’s approach to coaching is to motivate and utilize the appropriate resources and techniques that will unlock his clients potential to maximize their own performance…, and to accompany them every step along their path.

Essentially, it is helping clients to learn rather than teaching them.  Often it can be simply described as a process of change.  Changing from the current “problem” state to the “desired” state. 

The role of a coach is simple – to help a client achieve their goals.  To do this, a good coach will guide the client to set clear, realistic, and achievable goals.  And will assess and leverage the client’s capabilities – that is to say, identify the client’s strengths and weaknesses.  The coach will then help identify and tap the external or internal resources the client needs to reach his or her goals.  Since coaching involves learning and adapting new skills, the coach provides a powerful and useful support system.  A coach is there as an ally, to accompany the client on their journey. 

Who is better positioned to accompany you on your journey than someone who knows you very well and wants the best for you — yet is a neutral third party?  Unlike family, teammates or employees, the coach is not dependent on the client for his or her success.  Therefore, a coach is well positioned to provide honest feedback on how well the client is doing, keeping them focused on their stated goal and letting the client know exactly what they are doing in support of achieving their goal — or what is getting in the way.

Finally, and most importantly, a skilled Coach with NLP training and techniques like Peter, can help develop new ways of thinking and operating and will assist the client with learning new skills and developing new habits that allow his clients to reach their true potential and achieve their goals.