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Goal: Reduce Stress, Grief and Anxiety

I am happy to say I was Peter’s first hypnotherapy client!  While he was a studying at the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, he would talk to me about the amazing things he was learning and asked if he could “practice” on me.  Peter and I have known each other for a long time and he knew me and sensed that I could benefit from a relaxation technique that he had learned.  So I agreed and I had a few virtual sessions with him.  I can honestly say that the process worked well.  While the session was short, maybe 15 – 20 minutes it felt much longer.  It felt like more like 45 minutes of deep relaxation.  As he progressed in his studies, he led me on a more advanced technique that had me visualize meeting with my son who had passed away a few years earlier at age 19.  During this hypnotic induction I visualized walking through a forest and coming to a gate where I met a gatekeeper.  The gatekeeper let me in and led me to a chair where I sat down and then I visualized a chair in front of me where my son came in and sat in front of me.  We had a chance to “speak” and I had the opportunity to say what I wanted him to hear and he got the opportunity to tell me what he wanted me to know which was to explain to me that he fulfilled his purpose, his soul’s mission in the short life he lived.  As it turned out, he explained that his choices in life, and the circumstances of his death, put me on the path to fulfill my life’s purpose.  Which is to help save the lives of as many people who are suffering from mental illness as possible.  Without his death, my organization (BTH) would not have been born.  And that organization has helped many people.

I think Peter is quite gifted at what he does.  I think his new career path is less of a job and more of a calling. 

JH, NY      

Goal: Achieve Restful Sleep

I saw Peter for help with Sleep. I had been suffering from restless sleep for a long time, to the point I “feared” and avoided going to bed.  I’m ashamed to admit that a long time was probably over 10 years. After a few visits he helped me learn about good sleep hygiene, prompting me to make a few commonsense changes to my routine and things in my bedroom.  Him and I then tailored a very targeted hypnosis induction that not only helped me stop fearing the bedroom but helped settle and relax my thoughts.  The result is restful sleep.  Finally, the kind of sleep I had expected and hoped for after trying and taking supplements for years.  I’ve researched and used, melatonin, GABA, 5-HTP and occasionally relied on NyQuil and Advil PM when I really needed to shut down and get sleep.  Success with hypnosis came in two parts, it was almost immediate following my last session but it wasn’t lasting.  I had to do my homework and form new habits.  Lasting success was achieved in under a month.  Peter coached me that I needed to do the work to achieve my goal.  And assured me that in 21 days of doing so, I will have formed a new habit.  It took 3 appointments with Peter and me doing my homework, which included making a few changes to my routine and I listened to the relaxing, hypnotic recording he made for me at least once a day for the 21 days as he prescribed.  After that, problem solved.  I now sleep the way I always expected I would from taking the sleep aids.  In terms of value for money, I probably spend 3x more money on sleep aides over the years with no appreciable benefit then on 3 hypnosis sessions.  Highly recommend his services.

TT, Westchester, NY.


Goal: Forgive and move on from depression as a result of my child not speaking to me

I sought Peter’s help to see if he could help me get over the anxiety and anger I was feeling after my 20 y/o son stopped talking to me.  It should be noted that I was, and still am working with a traditional psychologist on this and related relationship issues.  And while that process is helpful it is lengthy (weekly for over 1 year).  My heart was broken when my son stopped speaking to me just prior to his senior year in college.  He and I were very close, he was my best friend.  Naturally I was angry, resentful and hurt. I tried to reach out to him numerous times, directly and through my ex-wife and my daughter.  I threatened to stop paying his tuition – and nothing.  No response.  This situation dragged on for almost two years and it left me stressed, depressed, and mourning the loss of the relationship.  It was so bad that I couldn’t focus on anything else.  My work suffered, my other relationships suffered, it was really upsetting.  Peter knew what I was going through and offered his help.  After an initial hypnotherapy session to go over the basics of what hypnotherapy is and how it works, I was ready to for my second session – the induction session.  The session was about an hour long, Peter led me to clear my mind, relax deeply and focus my attention on my son.  During the session, in hypnosis, I dialogued with my son.  I asked for his forgiveness, I apologized, told him I forgave him and told him I loved him and that I will be right here waiting for him when he was ready to talk to me.  Peter led me on a technique to “freeze” or put on hold my feelings and free up my mind from this problem so that I could move forward with other aspects of my life.  I visualized everything I had to do and set my intentions to send out love to my son and simply let go.  After that session I felt lighter, the burden was gone.  I was in a really good place mentally and at peace.  My son was still in the back of my mind but the anger and depression was gone.  As I moved forward without all the depression, I felt good at work, stopped complaining to friends about it.  I learned that I am who I am, and that I can only change my thoughts, habits and behaviors – I can’t change my son’s.  After the second session, I literally forgot about how depressed I felt over this situation.  Then, out of the blue, two weeks later my son called me.  There were no harsh feelings, no hard discussions, we simply picked up where we left off before the problem began.   It was an unbelievable almost miraculous turn around.  When I got off the phone, I cried for a good 5 minutes.  It was over, I got my son back, my broken heart was mended.  Was it hypnosis, the power of intention?  Who knows, who cares it worked for me.  It led to the greatest gift I could have received.


Career Coaching & Automatic Writing

I came to Peter for Executive Coaching sessions as I was really struggling with what path to go down and  where to focus my talents, energy, and career.  I’d worked for a large Fortune 500 company in NYC, I started my own construction company, I was passionate about cars but now that I was in my thirties, with a new wife and baby I had to settle down financially and professionally.  But I was all over the map professionally.  At some point in the “goal setting” phase I was struggling and I said to Peter, “I wish I could just ask my guardian angel what path I’m supposed to go down, what I’m supposed to do with my life”.  That comment opened a door and Peter asked me if I would like to try hypnosis to try to connect with a higher power or my spirit guide to inquire about my true purpose in life.  I was intrigued and said YES!!! I’m totally into that!  That led to several hypnosis sessions, which led to connecting with my spirit guide where I explored and asked many questions, not just about my career, but about my family, my baby, my soul connections, alien life, etc.  This “exploring” was truly amazing and interesting.  And ultimately led to channeling, via automatic writing, of the information I was receiving while communicating with my spirit guide.  The experience was simply profound.  I do believe in a higher power, I don’t really know if I was connecting with a spirit guide, my guardian angel, my deceased father or just tapping into my own sub conscious mind.  But in the end, I received useful, thought-provoking information about myself, the interconnectedness of the relationships in my life, particularly with my mother, father, and baby.  What I like most about Peter and the whole experience is that he seamlessly moved from discussing how to set goals and achieve them from a career and business perspective to being completely willing and able to explore and tap into different realms of reality.  I felt this was a true and unique gift that he had.  However, he disagreed and said he is just completely open to and willing to tap any resource for the information we need and that he firmly believes the answers lie within us.  Great guy, great experience.


Goal: Overcome anxiety related to asthma

My husband and friends all enjoy hiking as do I.  However, as I’ve had asthma my entire life I was conditioned from an early age to believe I could die at anytime and could never keep up with other kids.  I do not blame my mother for this conditioning, the programming she instilled me with was meant to protect me and keep me safe.  But as a result, I’ve developed this deep seeded fear that prevents me from enjoying life for fear of an asthma attack.  For example, all my friends are hikers, skiers, etc. and when we get together the conversation always turns to planning the next hike or ski trip and I’m always excited to be involved.  But towards the end of every planning session, I always fall back into fear mode and say something like – “sounds great but I’ll have to wait to see if I can join based on how I’m feeling that week”.  My fear takes over from my excitement and I always open a backdoor looking for a way out.  I simply fear that if I go, I will hold every back, that I won’t  be able to keep pace and of course fear having an asthma attack.

It’s a viscous circle, and this fear limits my happiness and leads to anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Peter helped me immensely with a hypnosis protocol that focused on reversing my fears by reprogramming my subconscious beliefs and thoughts around my lungs and airways.  I memorized one of the suggestions he crafted for me as I repeated it daily for a month –

My airways are open and expansive; I breathe easily and comfortably. My bronchial lining is smooth, open, and relaxed.  I enjoy life as my entire respiratory system works in harmony and I breath freely and easily.”


Peter is caring, adaptive and not afraid to work on any issue – as long as you set a realistic goal and are willing to do the work, he does his research, works hard and will accompany you on your path to achieving your goal.

MC, Florida