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About Peter Justini

Peter is a graduate of the Hypnotherapy Academy of America where he successfully completed 500 hours of Clinical Hypnotherapy Training.  He received Certifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist as well as Natal, Interlife and Past Life Regression Therapy.  Peter also received a Higher Education Diploma in Executive Coaching and in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from the European Business School of Barcelona. He is a Fellow of the International Board of Hypnotherapy which has the highest certification standards in the Hypnotherapy industry requiring on-going learning for recertification.  Peter also studied Leadership and Management at the Jack Welch Management Institute. 

Additionally, Peter is a graduate of Pace University and has enjoyed a 30+ year successful career in Finance at large banking organizations.  His early career began as a Clerk on the floor of the NY Commodities Exchanges formerly located in the “old” World Trade Center and then progressed through firms such as Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank & RBC Capital Markets.

Over the course of his career Peter had the opportunity to hold many leadership positions as a Manager, Department Head, CFO, Operating Committee Member and Board Member.  And through these various roles, Peter had many opportunities to lead, coach and mentor employees.

Peter’s interests extend beyond the stock market and finance and include sports.  He has practiced martial arts for over 20 years in disciplines such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Krav Maga.  In High School Peter was on the Wrestling Team and played Baseball.  Peter still enjoys skiing and has ambitions to open his own self-defense school.  

Today, he is the owner and founder of Valley Personal Growth Center in downtown Ridgewood, NJ, where he is providing clients with life, sports, and business coaching.  Which, when combined with hypnotherapy, truly enhances his client’s potential, and shortens the time needed to reach their goals.

It may seem like a complete about-face to some, but to those who truly know Peter, it comes as no surprise, as it embodies the inevitable melding of professional and personal experiences from throughout his life, in a way that will allow him to leave an indelible mark on the world.

A lifelong believer in the power of the subconscious mind to overcome adversity, Peter’s first opportunity to experience it came in 2004, when the last in a long line of doctors unable to diagnose the cause of chronic shoulder pain suggested that, perhaps, the pain was the manifestation of an unresolved emotional hurt. As it turned out, the doctor was right, and his suggestion to try hypnotherapy to identify the source and undo the emotional wound was exactly the remedy needed. 


Over the next decade, Peter read dozens of books on the topic, attended seminars, and ultimately discovered the Hypnotherapy Academy of America, based in New Mexico. The timing, however, wasn’t right for a career change or a move across country.


Fast forward five years, to COVID-19 and the advent of working from home and attending school virtually, and what seemed like insurmountable obstacles suddenly weren’t.


Fueling Peter’s motivation to change careers were two very personal factors: he was a father for the first time in his life, which inspired him to reimagine the impact and legacy he wanted to leave on this world.


Clinching the change was a two-year assignment in Luxembourg, where a serene 15-minute walk to the office along cobblestone streets took the place of a frenetic 90-minute train commute into New York City. Suddenly Peter understood, to the very core of his being, that the rat race of NYC, with its attendant 12-hour days and high-stress jobs, was no longer right for him.


Once he was back stateside, Peter informed his understanding boss of his intent to change careers, enrolled in HAA, and did triple duty – as a full-time employee, student, and parent – to reach his goal.

Certifications in hand, Peter is ready to help others draw on his experiences and expertise to reach their personal and professional goals. 


“A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.” – Marcus Aurelius

Peter is often heard explaining that the biggest obstacle many of us face in the pursuit of what we want to achieve is ourselves.

Most often the obstacle standing in our way of success is us!  We all have limiting thoughts, beliefs, words, and habits that sabotage us.

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m horrible with…” money, relationships, public speaking, hitting curve balls, or writing?  They say it so often that not only do they believe it, their friends, family, teammates, co-workers also start to believe it…, and they repeat it! Thus, making it a reality. But what if we could break this habit, form new beliefs, develop new thoughts, behaviors, and skills?  The answer is simple, we would be able to get out of our own way, set a new path full of helpful and supportive thoughts and habits that lead to personal development and success. We would have created a new reality.

“If you think a thing is impossible, you’ll only make it impossible.” – Bruce Lee

It is Peter’s mission to help people become aware of their limiting beliefs, thoughts, and fears and to discover their source in order to successfully overcome them by forming new habits, new beliefs and behaviors which leads to a path of personal growth, development and success.  Peter’s goal is to leverage his skills, experience and training to provide his clients with the resources they need to discover their unlimited potential and to overcome obstacles and achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Valley Personal Growth changes lives by helping clients find a path to reach their goals. Whatever the goal is, it becomes infinitely more attainable once a way forward, a path, becomes visible.

And once a client begins the journey down his or her path, Peter accompanies them, providing support along the way. His goal becomes supporting and coaching his clients to successfully realize their goals.

The integrative approach used by Peter combines Executive and Transformational Coaching techniques Hypnosis (hypnotic suggestion, guided meditation and visualization) to provide his clients the confidence, self-awareness, mental stimulation, and practice to realize their unlimited potential.

Like any other skill needed to succeed, whether in sports, business, or life in general, developing those skills involves coaching and practice.  VPG’s clients learn how to set obtainable goals and tap into resources to develop new skills.  And when combined with hypnosis and/or NLP techniques results can be achieved quite quickly.

“We become what we think about.” – Earl Nightingale